Asus CRW-4012A in the test: 40/12/48 burners at a fair price

Asus CRW-4012A in the test: 40/12/48 burners at a fair price

Worry corner and conclusion

The new CRW-4012A model from Asus, announced at CeBIT, made a very good impression during the test and did not cause any problems, so basically nothing there to complain about. Only the almost non-existent innovations, with the exception of the higher read and write speed, and the still relatively slow access times would give reason for criticism, which, however, is not due to the purchase price of just 2 euros higher than the original price of the predecessor is justified.

Due to the tried and tested technologies, buffer underruns have not been an issue for a long time and CloneCD compatibility is a matter of course and nothing special anymore. Of course, the burner can be used as a normal CD-ROM drive, which the burner does well to very well with slight reductions in recognition time. Here and in terms of manual and documentation, Yamaha continues to be one step ahead. The biggest shortcoming of the burner at the moment is the fact that the 40X blanks are barely or nonexistent, but this is known to change quickly. By and large, Asus has made a very solid further development with the CRW-4012A burner, with which you can now also achieve a higher start speed when burning CDsYou can see a clear time advantage over the previous burners and the price is by no means excessive, so that you can access without worries. However, if you want to claim that you can write CDs just as quickly as read, you will have to wait for the next model.

At this point we would like to thank Asus once again for testing the product Thank you.

As always, our forum is responsible for any questions.

Asus CRW-4012A
  • Burning speed
  • Reading speed
  • Scope of delivery
  • Very good CD-ROM drive
  • not Key2Audio compatible

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