Asus CRW-4012A in the test: 40/12/48 burners at a fair price

Asus CRW-4012A in the test: 40/12/48 burners at a fair price


Basically nothing has changed in the technology used by Asus. As mentioned at the beginning, the new 40X/12X/48X burner from Asus also finds its place on the computer's IDE bus.

When writing, the Zone Constant Linear Velocity (Z-CLV) method is used again back, that means the CRW-4012A burner starts to burn at 20 times the speed this time and increases the writing speed to 24 or 32 times after the tenth or thirtieth minute of a CD, and then from the fiftieth minute of a CD with the working full 40 times the speed, which leads to an average of 30 times the writing speed.

Z-CLV writing CRW-4012A

So that the noise development during Reading a CD is kept within limits, Asus continues to swear by the self-developed Double Dynamic Suspension System in version two (DDSS II).

Double Dynamic Suspension System II (DDSS II)

There were also no innovations in terms of supported writing methods - Yamaha remain with them The 3200E model, which supports the CD-MRW and Audio Master Quality Recording writing modes, is undisputed in this area.

Originally, this model was supposed to write as fast as it reads, namely at 40 times the speed it, however, Asus has decided on a higher reading speed, so that the next CRW-4812A model will be the first burner sold by Asus whose writing speed of 48X will be just as high as the reading speed. With the upcoming CRW-4812A model, CDs should be able to be rewritten at 16x speed and the CAV writing method should be used.

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