Asus CRW-3212A and Yamaha CRW3200E-VK in the test: Nero's favorites in the battle for the hot iron

Asus CRW-3212A and Yamaha CRW3200E-VK in the test: Nero's favorites in the battle for the hot iron


Ten years ago a single CD-ROM drive or five years ago a CD burner was pure luxury, a 50fac should be used h CD-ROM drive and a CD-RW burner are now standard equipment on a new PC. As if that weren't enough, the burn speeds of the new generation of burners are approaching the reading speeds of conventional CD-ROM drives more and more, although the blanks required for this are still quite rare. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the new burners. For this we had the Yamaha CRW-3200E and the Asus CRW-3212A burner available, both of which are located on the Integrated Device Electronics Bus (IDE bus).

Scope of delivery of the burners

Since it is no longer sufficient nowadays to simply deliver a product without the corresponding accessories and the necessary instructions, let's take a look at the scope of delivery at this point. After all, what use is the fastest burner if the appropriate media or cables are not available?

Scope of delivery Asus

The Asus CRW-3212A burner comes in the colorful and handy packaging that Asus is used to . In addition to the actual burner, the buyer receives an IDE and sound cable, as well as a four-pack of screws to fasten the burner in the housing. Furthermore, the customer receives two not exactly commercially available blank CDs in order to be able to fully utilize the performance of the Asus CRW-3212A burner. On the one hand a 32x CD-R high-speed blank from Asus and on the other a 12x CD-RW. Both blanks have a storage capacity of 700MB, which is quite impressive with the CD-RW blank, since CD-RWs can usually only store 650MB. Version of the well-known Nero Burning Rom burning software is also included so that you can start burning straight away. In this respect, I should like to praise Asus. Of course, Asus has not forgotten to include a manual and simple installation instructions, although in this case the manual is more like a booklet.

Asus packaging
Asus scope of delivery
Asus recorder and packaging

Asus manual

The simple installation instructions are written in eleven languages. These include German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech and Russian, and probably Chinese and Japanese. It contains the most important steps for setting up the burner and supports the user with the installation on a hardware as well as a driver basis. The question here, however, is whywhen installing the driver for Dos/Win3.x you should insert a driver diskette that is not included in the delivery. This is not necessary in itself, since nowadays everyone should have at least Windows 95, which automatically makes the correct settings and also installs the correct drivers. These installation instructions may have been around for a number of years, which is also indicated by the flat towers shown. In addition, the actual manual contains installation instructions that also make a more up-to-date impression. The manual also provides the reader with more detailed information on the Asus CRW-3212A burner, such as features, technologies used and supported writing methods. Unfortunately, the manual is only written in English and one Asian language. However, the texts are very well supported by images, so that even users with poor English should not have any problems. In an emergency, the user can contact the friendly Asus support.

Asus Blanks
Asus scope of delivery

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