Asus brings notebook with 1.26 GHz

Asus brings notebook with 1.26 GHz

That Asus sells more than just graphics cards and mainboards should be well known by now. Today the starting shot was fired for the new S1 notebook series from the house, which can convince with its performance and the given optics.

The currently fastest Intel takes care of the silver-colored housing made of a magnesium alloy Pentium III-M Mobile processor with Tualatin core for appropriate performance. As a real lightweight of only 1.9 kg and with an extremely slim profile of at least 2.1 cm, the S1 offers good wearing comfort. Starting with the comfortable palm rest and the large keyboard to the silver hot keys and the rounded base for easy handling, the S1 has numerous ergonomic features.

The display consists of a 13.3 '' TFT LCD, while Intel's latest 830M chipset is responsible for the graphics performance. The Intel 830M uses DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) and can use up to 32 MB of RAM as video memory. Heat sensors set the fan speed and the temperature of the monitor system to control overheating and protect the system from damage.

The price of the S1 with the 1.26 GHz Pentium III-M processor, 256 MB RAM and 20 GB hard drive costs 2124 euros if Windows XP Professional is selected as the operating system. The version with Windows 98, however, is already available for 1999 euros. Other drives such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM must be purchased separately and connected externally, as there is no longer any space in the notebook case.

Asus S1