Asus brings a new notebook

Asus brings a new notebook

It was only in February that Asus introduced the 1.9 kg, 2.1 cm, particularly slim S1 notebook series in Germany. The L1 series is now followed by the introduction of a new all-round notebook that leaves little to be desired. A Pentium III Mobile provides enough power here as well.

For the first time, the L1 dispenses with the traditional floppy disk drive and replaces it with a portable 16MB USB drive included in the scope of delivery. A step that can only be welcomed. Because this small USB memory not only holds more than a standard floppy disk, it can also be written to much faster. A 14.1 inch screen provides a clear view, an integrated modem, a network connection, a TV output and a Firewire connection (IEEE 1394) ensure the connection with the outside world. The L1 is 3.0 cm high and 2.6 kg in weight. The notebook is optionally available with a DVD player or a CD recorder that can also read DVDs. All available variants have 256 MB RAM and come with a 1.2 GHz Pentium III Mobile. When it comes to the operating system or hard drive capacity, however, you have a choice.

  • L1400, 8x DVD, 20 GB, Win 98SE: € 1,949
  • L1400, 8x DVD, 20 GB, Win 2000: € 2,074
  • L1400, 8x DVD, 20 GB, Win XP: € 2,074
  • L1400, 8x DVD/8x/4x/24xCDRW, 30 GB, Win 98SE: € 2,199
  • L1400, 8x DVD/8x/4x/24xCDRW, 30 GB, Win 2000: € 2,324
  • L1400, 8x DVD/8x/4x/24xCDRW, 30 GB, Win XP: € 2,324

Asus delivers the L1 in a silver-blue metallic case, which shouldn't necessarily be to everyone's taste.

Asus L1400

Contrary to the first message, Asus will even deliver the notebook with a 32 MB USB memory stick. The color will also change somewhat before delivery. The blue should give way to an elegant gray. The chip contained in the Intel i830 MG is used as the graphics card.