Asus announces V8420 series with GeForce4 Ti4200

Asus announces V8420 series with GeForce4 Ti4200

With Asus, another manufacturer has announced graphics cards based on the affordable GeForce4 Ti4200. There are now six different manufacturers to choose from when purchasing such a graphics card. Asus also adheres to the specifications of nVidia.

The Asus V8420 will be available in two versions, with 64 or 128 MB graphics memory. According to Asus, the memory of the 64 MB model is clocked at 512 MHz and thus slightly exceeds the requirements of nVidia, which in this case actually provide a clock rate of 500 MHz. The graphics memory in the 128 MB version, on the other hand, has to make do with the usual 444 MHz clock. In both cases, the graphics chip is clocked at 250 MHz in accordance with the specification. Depending on the model, the cards have a TV and DVI output.

The prices will be between 230 and 260 euros, depending on the memory configuration and model.

Asus V8420
Asus V8420 connections
Asus V8420 packaging