Asus A7V333 in the test: VIA KT333 in top form

Asus A7V333 in the test: VIA KT333 in top form


Without wanting to exaggerate, let's commit ourselves. The A7V333 is the best AMD board from Asus that we have had in our hands since we started our mainboard reviews. The speed is practically constant ahead of the competition in our benchmarks, and the stability was excellent with a wide variety of memory modules. In addition to these performance-related values, there is an excellent (albeit partially optional) equipment. USB 2.0, FireWire, Raid and 6 Channel Audio ensure connectivity and the right sound in everyday use. Even if the C-Media chip is quite hardware-heavy, its sound is one of the better models on the market. Owners of lightning fast Athlon CPUs will be able to overlook this shortcoming anyway or have a sound card anyway. Asus C.O.P. that finally offers effective protection against heat death of an Athlon XP CPU. The feature works flawlessly (except for the start without a heat sink) and should save the life of many a processor. The BIOS also offers countless overclocking options and features such as Q-Fan(about the use of which one can argue on an AMD system) no cause for criticism. Let's hardly say anything, because a fixed AGP/PCI divider could have been added to the board and the undocumented VDimm jumper also needs an explanation. However, the scope of delivery and documentation again leave no reason for criticism and programs like Asus Probe (tool like motherboard monitor) or Asus Update, with which a BIOS download and update is possible under Windows with a mouse click, make working with the board much easier. However, as one is used to from Asus, all of this has its price. In the case of the A7V333, however, this appears justified. Nonetheless, the conclusion that we made in our last review of VIAs KT333 and PC2700 also applies here - if you currently have a system with DDR RAM, you should carefully consider purchasing it because of the marginal increase in performance.


Asus A7V333
  • Asus COP
  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Scope of delivery
  • Equipment (USB 2.0/Raid/FireWire)
  • Bios
  • Overclocking
  • Documentation
  • C-Media 8738 very CPU-heavy
  • no AGP/PCI fix

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