Asus A7V266-E in the test: VIA KT266A part two

Asus A7V266-E in the test: VIA KT266A part two

Test system

We wanted to slowly but surely actually already dare to take the step to the new test platform WindowsXP, but on the other hand a benchmark only remains transparent as long as the comparison values ​​are on the same PL attform based. And so, in the end, we have relied on the familiar configuration under Windows2000 again in this review.


For the benchmarks we once again used our well-known mix. SiSoft Sandra lays the theoretical basis for all further hurdles. The packaging performance of the boards in WinACE is intended to highlight the sense and nonsense of the performance differences in everyday Windows. The remaining programs and benchmarks form a broad overview of the genre that really calls for the smallest performance differences: PC games.

  • DirectX 7.0
    • 3DMark 2000 1.1
    • Unreal Tournament 4.36 (utbench)
  • DirectX 8.0
    • 3DMark 2001
  • OpenGL
    • Quake3Arena 1.17 (Q3bench)
    • Vulpine GL Mark
  • Memory performance
    • SiSoft Sandra 2001
  • Other
    • WinACE 2.03

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