Asus A7V266-E in review: VIA KT266A part two

Asus A7V266-E in review: VIA KT266A part two


As we had already mentioned in the review of the 8KHA +, the structure of the KT266A is 'pin-compatible' to its predecessor KT266 and therefore at least theoretically can be used on every KT266 board without modification zbar. The EPoX circuit board also underlined this in practice and resembled its predecessor almost down to the smallest detail. So we started looking for changes on the A7V266-E, because at first glance this layout looked quite familiar to us. Like its predecessor, the board still houses an AGP Pro slot, five PCI slots and, unfortunately, still the ACR slot, which is not really needed in the consumer market. A sixth PCI slot, such as can be found on the 8KHA +, would be much more useful for normal users. The number of DDR RAM slots remained unchanged at three and even the somewhat exotic-looking space of the floppy connector has not changed, why should it? But also a few innovations catch the eye quite quickly. An active fan that is pleasantly quiet during operation is enthroned on the northbridge, and the soldering point for the raid controller and plug that is already present on the A7V266 is nowequipped with the Promise PDC20265R chipset (ATA100) (the A7V266-E is also available in stores without RAID). We were pleased to note two small but fine modifications when installing the fan. On the one hand, the capacitor we criticized in the last review, which got in the way of the GlobalWin38 at the time, was finally moved a few millimeters on the A7V266-E (or in our revision 1.07) and is now outside the danger area. On the other hand, Asus has protected the circuit board under the fan retaining clips of the base with a small adhesive strip from being struck by a screwdriver.


Asus A7V266-E

  • Form factor
    • Socket A ATX (30.5cm x 24.5cm)
  • Processor
    • Supports AMD Athlon and Duron
    • Automatic CPU detection
    • 200/266MHz system bus
  • Chipset
    • VIA KT266A chipset
    • VIA VT8366A Northbridge (actively cooled)
    • VT8233 Southbridge
  • RAM
    • 3x 184 pin DIMMS (DDR RAM)
    • Supports PC1600/2100 DDR RAM with 2.5V
    • Maximum memory size: 3GB
  • Expansion slots
    • 1x AGP 4x slot
    • 5x 32 bit PCI slots
    • 1x ACR slot
    • 3x fan connections (monitor-compatible)
    • 2 IDE ports (UDMA 33/66/100)
  • External connections
    • 1x parallel port
    • 2x serial ports
    • 6 USB ports (2x internal, 2x via slot cover, 2x optional)
    • 1x Game Port
    • 1x Microphone in
    • 1x Speaker Out
    • 1x Line in
  • Bios
    • 2MBit AwardBios
    • Multiplier can be manipulated in the Bios
    • Front Side Bus can be manipulated in 1MHz steps in the Bios (100-227MHz)
    • CPU voltage can be regulated in the Bios (1.75- 1.85V)
    • Trend® ChipAway Virus (TCAV)
  • Special features
    • Promise PDC20265R ATA100 Raid Controller (Raid 0/1 )
    • C-Media CMI-8738 Hardware Audio Controller
  • Other functions
    • Keyboard Power-On, Suspend To RAM
    • Wake-On-LAN, Wake-On-Modem

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