Asus A7N266-C in the test: The nForce 415-D now also without graphics

Asus A7N266-C in the test: The nForce 415-D now also without graphics

Conclusion A7N266-C

It is again difficult to draw a conclusion this time. No question about it, the A7N266-C is a very good board with an impressive speed. As the first chipset in our review series, the nForce 415-D is able to steal the show from the VIA KT266A in some disciplines. And as the Sandra test shows, operating the board in dual-channel mode does seem to make a difference. However, it is also clear that the advantages of this technology will only come into play in later hardware generations or with integrated graphics (nForce 420). In addition to the performance, we were also impressed by the stability. The board ran without crashing despite sharp memory timings. The equipment is beyond any doubt. Asus lives out the possibilities of the chipset on the A7N266-C to the full without confronting the user with major installation problems. It's just a shame that the urgently needed ACR card blocks the fifth PCI slot. Remainsthe question of the group of buyers. Owners of good (Dolby) sound cards or EAX enthusiasts will hardly pay for a feature that they do not need and prefer to use the slightly faster alternative KT266A. And friends of high-quality, integrated systems will continue to tend towards the nForce 420-D with graphics. But owners of faster graphics cards with ambitions for Dolby Digital Sound and LAN OnBoard should certainly take a closer look at the nForce 415-D. Ultimately, however, everyone has to know for themselves whether and to what extent they need the features offered.

Although the board is not officially on the market yet, is already offering it as a 'Available' listed in the catalog and costs 229 € (OnBoard LAN + Sound). This means that the price advantage over the graphics-equipped nForce 420-D version A7N266-E would be € 30. The A7N266-C without LAN will cost € 219. So all in all it is still a proud price. Also for a high quality mainboard. The slightly faster VIA KT266A board A7V266-E with raid from the same company is currently available for 189 €.

As always, our forum responsible.

Asus A7N266-C
  • Scope of delivery
  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Dolby Digital OnBoard
  • 10/100MBit LAN OnBoard
  • Documentation
  • Overclocking
  • Space for CPU Socket
  • Only four PCI slots when using the ACR card
  • Price extremely high despite performance

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