Asus A7M266-D, MSI K7D Master-L and Tyan Tiger MPX in the test: First look at AMD's dual mainboards

Asus A7M266-D, MSI K7D Master-L and Tyan Tiger MPX in the test: First look at AMD's dual mainboards


Everyone, Anyone who hears the word dual and thinks of two processors believes that they now have twice the performance of a system with only one processor. This is only partially true. With a dual processor board, the two processors share the work that arises, the operating system automatically divides the tasks between the two processors. In other words, a lot of work that a system has to do one after the other with just one processor, which inevitably slows down a bit, is done much more efficiently by a dual processor board. So when working with a board like this you don't notice that many actions are taking place at the same time. However, there is very little software that really takes advantage of both processors. Mainly in the area of ​​rendering and CAD software. But also software forEncoding and converting video films are one of them. Two representatives of this category are Xmpeg and TMPEGenc. Both programs use the two processors, which is of course dramatically reflected in the conversion time achieved, as we will see later in the benchmarks.

The subjects

We had three dual AMD mainboards available for testing. All three are already equipped with the new MPX chipset from AMD. The main advantage of the new MPX chipset, consisting of the AMD 762 Northbridge and the AMD 768 Southbridge, is primarily the 66 MHz 64bit/32bit PCI bus and the integration of AC97 audio. In contrast to its predecessor, the AMD MP chipset, which did not have these two features. At least as far as the AC97 audio support is concerned. The 64-bit PCI bus in the MP chipset could only be controlled at 33 MHz.

There is the A7M266-D from Asus, the MSI K7D-Master-L and the Tiger MPX from the old master Tyan Technologies. At this point we would like to thank the respective companies for the generous provision of the mainboards.

Tyan Tiger MPX
Asus A7M266-D
MSI K7D Master

Unfortunately, a mainboard could not be made available in time for the test, the M762A from Epox. We will take a closer look at it at a later point in time.

Epox M762A

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