Asus A7A266-E in the test: The 3rd generation of the ALi MAGiK 1

Asus A7A266-E in the test: The 3rd generation of the ALi MAGiK 1

Conclusion A7A266-E

No question, the C1 stepping, even if it didn't look like it in Sandra at the beginning, has increased its performance. Especially the shortened waiting cycles seem to work wonders in some applications. So who would we recommend the A7A266-E to? Despite the good to sometimes very good performance, we would first of all recommend only a board with VIA KT266A to every user who is looking for the last bit of performance. No chipset is currently able to come anywhere near the KT266A. However, if you are satisfied with a little less, or are of the opinion that the rest of the hardware is not able to get the last bit of performance from the board anyway, then the A7A266-E is the right choice. Because one advantage of the ALi MAGiK 1 is obvious. With its pioneering southbridge, hardware conflicts have never been as improbable as on this chip. Hardly any other board swallows as much hardware in various configurations as the A7A266-E. And another target group should not be averse to the ALi:Upgraders who want/have to buy a current board for a new CPU, but want to continue to use their old SDRAM memory for the time being for price reasons without obstructing the way for future use of DDR RAM. The only alternative here would be to use the SiS735, which, however, is discouraging due to its extremely susceptibility to failure, even at an unbeatable price. Investing in the A7A266-E would definitely be a lot safer, especially with exotic hardware, and at just under DM 319 (source: it would be justifiable.

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Asus A7A266-E
  • Scope of delivery
  • Stability
  • Overclocking
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Also suitable for SDRAM
  • Performance does not come close to the KT266A
  • Only two DDR RAM slots

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