ASRock brings i845D board with Hyper-Threading and FSB533

ASRock brings i845D board with Hyper-Threading and FSB533

The ASRock P4I45D motherboard with Intel's 845D chipset, which has found its successor for some time, supports the Hyper-Threading technology of the new Pentium4 with 3.06GHz. Officially, however, Hyper-Threading is only possible with the i845E and by no means with the i845D, as ASRock is now doing.

The ASRock P4I45D also enables a front-side bus of 533MHz, which is actually only possible with the Successor was introduced. The i845D is officially limited to 400MHz here. But ASRock is doing nothing and enables customers to run the latest Pentium4 processors on their new mainboard, as should only be possible on the new chipsets from Intel.

Furthermore, the ASRock P4I45D is the first mainboard for the Pentium4 to have two slots for DDR200 and DDR266 modules, as well as two additional memory slots for the good old PC100 and PC133 SDRAM. Of course, the customer has to choose one of the two storage technologies, as it is not possible to use the two types of storage in mixed operation. Even with the ICH2 that is used, you don't have to do without USB2.0. ASRock relies on the VT6202 USB2.0 controller from Via and provides the customer with the latest technology. As is customary for ASRock, the price for the P4I45D should be less than 100 euros. Unfortunately no details are known about the availability yet, but the customer should find the ASRock P4I45D in stores soon.

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