ASMedia ASM3142: New USB 3.1 controller requires less energy

ASMedia ASM3142: New USB 3.1 controller requires less energy

ASMedia and MSI work closely together and thus the new USB 3.1 controller ASM3142 will also make its debut on mainboards from MSI. The chip should require significantly less energy than its predecessor and can be found on the MSI Z270 Godlike Gaming, among other things.

While ASMedia keeps itself covered with information, is stirring MSI is promoting the new control chip. MSI was the first motherboard manufacturer to be present when the ASM2142 was introduced and this should also be the case with the successor. Allegedly, the ASM3142 needs 50 percent less energy with 'improved performance' and thus works much more efficiently. As usual, the connection is via PCIe 3.0 x2 with a gross data rate of 16 Gbit/sminus overhead. With two USB 3.1 connections, 8 Gbit/s are available each. USB 3.1 Gen 2 is specified with up to 10 Gbit/s.

The The predecessor ASM2142 provides full USB 3.1 in various mainboards of the current generations and is the fastest solution on the market according to MSI. The successor should build on this. In connection with the X-Boost software from MSI, the transfer rate should be increased by another five percent. Another graphic mentions 950 MB/s without and 1,140 MB/s with X-Boost - this corresponds to an increase of 20 percent. This “performance boost” is also available for the ASM2142, but with the ASM3142 it should now also be available for two connected devices.

ASM3142: Less power consumption and 'Boost' for two devices
X-Boost software should release 5% more power
PCIe 3.0 x2 makes 8 Gb/s twice

MSI Z270 Godlike Gaming

As one of the first motherboards with ASM3142, MSI has announced the Z270 Godlike Gaming - “other future high-end desktop models” will also receive the chip. An illustration shows aI/O panel with two USB 3.1 ports from the ASM3142 controller, which is available in type C and type A sockets.

MSI Z270 Godlike Gaming with ASM3142 (Image: MSI)

Addendum from May 17th. 2017: MSI followed up with another press release. This now explicitly mentions 950 MB/s and an increase via X-Boost by 20 percent to 1,140 MB/s.

In addition to the new controller, MSI offers an intelligent tool with the X-Boost software, to increase USB performance by up to twenty percent. X-Boost automatically detects fast USB devices and immediately activates processes to increase performance.Combined with the new ASMedia controller, transfer speeds of up to 1140 MB/s can be achieved.