'Are You Ready' is starting a new round

'Are You Ready' is starting a new round

Nvidia opens a new round in the Are You Ready campaign. Nvidia has come up with something to bridge the time until your new next generation GPU is released. There are numerous new gimmicks on the Nvidia Are You Ready page.

In addition to the here mentioned flash animation, Nvidia has put additional bonuses on your page . These include screensavers, a desktop theme and 8 customized desktop icons in the Nvidia look, such as the recycle bin and the workplace. Furthermore, a word is lost about the complexity of the NV30. It will have 125 million transistors and thus almost three times as many as a Pentium4.

The password for accessing the Nvidia desktop has changed. It is now 'cg'. The Are You Ready Screensaver can still be downloaded there. In order to dissuade the user from buying an Ati-fired graphics card, an additional screensaver can be downloaded from the site. However, it only consists of a few drawings with the Nvidia logo scurrying across the screen.

Here you have the links to the downloads again: