April April - RivaTuner v2.1 with a surprise

April April - RivaTuner v2.1 with a surprise

Alexey Nicolaychuk, aka 'Unwinder' and author of the popular RivaTuner program, indicates a blast for version 2.1 of the RivaTuner. The long-awaited completion of version 2.1 is dragging on because Unwinder is still waiting for a sample of the GeForce4 TI in the PCI version.

In and of itself that would be nothing unusual, but if it did if you include the rumors that were circulating in the run-up to the GeForce4 launch, the picture is interesting.

There was persistent talk of 3dfx technology, which should definitely be included in the GeForce4. As is well known, this is not the case, or only rarely, neither a T-Buffer nor Rotated Grid Super Sampling Anti Aliasing made it into the silicon of the nV25.

As it now seems, and this is where the delays come from , it will be a much more interesting feature that has been saved from the remnants of 3dfx.

According to Alexey, they actually wanted to wait for the final adoption of AGPx8, as this is possible in addition to the once again doubled bandwidth for the integration of 2 AGP ports.

Obviously this is taking too long, so that one has to fear that the next generation of chips will be drained and so the decision was made to complete the project to be implemented on the basis of PCI cards, since the AGP does not seem to offer any greater advantages with an expansion of 128MB graphics memory per card. We are talking about the SLI technology known since the Voodoo Graphics, which is now apparently also to be found in the GeForce4. This would also correlate well with the latest reports about the delay of DirectX9, as you could give the GeForce4 TI a fresh cell cure if the competition with their next-generation products is on the market without the appropriate DirectX and is still fromremains competitive in terms of performance.

By combining the multisample buffers of both nV25 chips, a computational 16xFSAA should also be possible with the same performance as when using a single GF4 TI and 4xFSAA. Sweet!