Apple patent: Keyboard with (O) LEDs

Apple patent: Keyboard with (O) LEDs

According to a publication by the US Patent Office , Apple has applied for a patent describing a keyboard whose keys are equipped with OLEDs. So not only letters should be displayed on the keys, but also symbols, graphics and animations.

The patent was granted applied for on March 13, 2007. The keys described therein should contain both the displays and the necessary circuits. A software on the computer connected to the keyboard then communicates with these, which specifies the content to be displayed. The patent also describes that to display a graphic, not only does each key work for itself, but the image to be displayed can also extend over several keys. Simple animations should also be possible, with these being displayed at a speed of 10 frames per second.

Overall, the patent applied for is reminiscent of the Optimus Maximus, a keyboard from 'Art. Lebedev ”, the concept of which was presented in July 2005. The technology was also used in other input devices of the Russian design studio, so that there are disputes between Apple and 'Art. Lebedev “could come.