Apache 2.0.35 finally final

Apache 2.0.35 finally final

The Apache Group today released the final version 2.0.35 of the web server software Apache 2.0, after various alpha and beta versions have proven their reliability in the operation of the website since December 2000 .

After an alpha version was made available for test purposes for the first time in March 2000 and the first beta version 2.0.16 saw the light of day a year later, the developer group now has the web server for released for productive use. Compared to the 1.3 series, which was current until yesterday, a large part of the code has been rewritten and thus some barriers removed in order to add new features . One of the most important innovations in this regard is the possibility of having Apache work in a “multi-process, multi-threaded hybrid mode” on operating systems such as Unix/Linux, which support both threads and processes has shown the test use can increase significantly. Under Windows and other operating systems, the announcement was able to improve above all the stability and also the performance, since error-prone POSIX emulation is no longer necessary due to the operating system-specific modules.

An important innovation for the future of the Internet the support of IPv6, through which the IP address shortage on the Internet is to be dealt with through a larger address space. With IPv6 one could theoretically assign 655 trillion IP addresses to every square meter of the earth's surface.

Furthermore, the interface for modules has been changed, which should make the integration of the same much easier. Among other things, the modules should be able to do more work on their own without having to change the Apache server itself. However, this also means that modules written for Apache 1.3first have to be adjusted, which has largely already happened with the most prominent representatives. A change that even a non-administrator might notice, apart from the longer IP addresses, is that error messages sent by Apache to the browser are now as SSI files (Server Side Includes) in several languages, depending on the one set by the surfer Language selection can be used.

Compiled binaries are still a long time coming, currently there is only the SourceCode !


The Windows binaries are now also available for download!