AOpen announces Pentium4 board with tube amplifier

AOpen announces Pentium4 board with tube amplifier

AOpen presented its newest Pentium4 mainboard at Computex 2002, which for the first time has a tube preamplifier for stereo sound. The extravagant board should soon be available in stores for around 240 euros.

AOpen has at AX4B-533Tube completely seperates the audio circuit from the rest of the mainboard so that no interference can occur. Sound fanatics in particular should be happy about this new product. The double triode is supplied by a 300V voltage converter and amplifies the outgoing signal of the AC-97 sound chip from Realtek, the ALC650. This sound chip also has SPDIF 5.1 outputs. If you still want to use your own independent sound card, you can feed the output of your sound card back into the tube amplifier. The tube preamplifier has its price, of course, and also requires space on the circuit board, so that the AX4B-533Tube, which is equipped with the i845E, only has three PCI slots in addition to an AGP port.

If you want to find out more details about the new mainboard, take a closer look at the official homepage of AOpen.

AOpen AX4B-533Tube