Anubis with a handy digital camera

Anubis with a handy digital camera

Just in time for summer, Anubis is expanding its digital camera division with a new, handy product. This is the Typhoon Pocket Star. A digital photo camera, a digital video camera and a digital dictation machine are hidden in the device.

The camera offers a resolution of 1.3 mega pixels and has a small TFT display. Unfortunately, the camera offers an optical zoom. However, a triple digital zoom is available for this. The Pocket Star is equipped with 32MB flash memory and can be expanded to up to 128 MB using a Smart Media Card slot. The connection to the computer at home is via USB and is therefore sufficiently fast.

The video recording time is up to 35 minutes. These find their way to the home PC simply via video connection. The necessary cables are of course included in the scope of delivery. At the same time, a digital dictation machine is hidden in the camera. The Pocket Star gets its power from four batteries. The lightweight weighs 100 grams without batteries. With dimensions of around 50mm wide, 120mm long and 25mm thick, the new camera fits in every jacket pocket and is therefore very similar to the new Logitech camera .

The Typhoon Pocket Star will change hands from May 2002 for 259 euros.

Anubis Typhoon Pocket Star