AMD's XP2800 + on the way to the OEMs after all?

AMD's XP2800 + on the way to the OEMs after all?

As the colleagues from xBit-Labs report, the US game PC manufacturer Falcon Northwest offers a system based on the nForce2 chipset with a Radeon9700Pro graphics card and an AthlonXP 2800+ in its online shop.

Even though we reported some time ago that the XP2800 + may never see the light of day, it seems It is now as if AMD just got the curve and is delivering the first quantities of its new flagship at least to bulk buyers.

Whether these small quantities are enough to make Intel a little bit of the Christmas business in the retail sector is allowed to However, it is doubtful because the direct competitor from the Intel camp, whose clock rate of 2800MHz the AMD model number is aiming for, has been available to the end customer for some time without major problems, if he is ready, a good 480 € for it to lay the table.

All However, AMD also seems to be thinking more about making money again, because the top models of the AthlonXP from 2700+ can also be gilded by the Texans for just under 420 €.