AMD's CEO Hector Ruiz about to end?

AMD's CEO Hector Ruiz about to end?

Immediately before the start of AMD's new “Phenom” desktop processor generation, rumors are increasing that Hector Ruiz will be relinquishing his position as AMD's Chief Executive Officer and will have to vacate his hotly-traded successor, Dirk Meyer.

During the year, Dave Orton (Executive Vice President), Henri Richards (Chief Sales and Marketing officer) and Rick Hegberg have three high-ranking employees Throwing in the towel to the merger of AMD and ATi, although Orton in particular was seen as a guarantee for a successful integration of the two companies.

If the current rumors about Hector Ruiz prove to be true, this would be the almost logical consequence of a 'mixed' year in which AMD had to take heavy losses over several quarters and even watch the competition in the form of Intel and Nvidia one record after the other presented. Ruiz's five-year contract was only extended for another year to April 2008 in April of this year. According to a report by magazine, Dirk Meyer seems to be more or less determined as his successor, as he had already taken over the position of AMD's new President and Chief Operation Officer (COO) in January 2006.