AMD with 0.09µ already in early 2003?

AMD with 0.09µ already in early 2003?

A new unofficial processor roadmap has appeared on the Internet, according to which AMD wants to bring the first processors with 0.09 µ with 'Silicon on Insulator' (SOI) technology onto the market at the beginning of 2003. Even the PR rating is given in the table.

We have taken over the data and created our own table.

CPU name Q1/2002 Q2/2002 Q3/2002 Q4/2002 H1/2003 H2/2003 2004 2005 ClawHammer S (0.065µ, SOI, 40mm²)? ClawHammer (0.09µ, SOI, 64mm²) M4000 M4400? ClawHammer (0.13µ, SOI, 80mm²) M3400 Thoroughbred S (0.09µ, SOI, 50mm²)> 2800+ Barton (0.13µ, SOI) 2800+ Thoroughbred (0.13µ, 80mm², 1.6 Volt) 2200+ 2600+ Palomino (0.18µ), 266MHz FSB 2000+ Appaloosa (0.13µ), 266MHz FSB 1.5 GHz 1800+ 2000+ Morgan (0.18µ), 200MHz FSB 1.4 GHz

Accordingly, AMD will present the first CPUs with SOI technology at the end of the year, namely the Barton (Duron successor) and the Thoroughbred (Athlon successor). If you look further you can see that the next step in miniaturization will take place in the first half of 2003, this time to 0.09µ. The extent to which the data in the table corresponds to reality will only be shown when AMD officially comments on its future plans.