AMD Thoroughbred news

AMD Thoroughbred news

Our colleagues from Hard Tecs 4U have put together some more interesting news about the AMD Thoroughbred. Accordingly, AMD will officially present the new Athlon XP core to the public on May 2nd, 2002. The first models should be clocked from 1800+ to 2200+.

Due to the production technology shrunk to 0.13 µm, the VCore will be able to be reduced to 1.60V or 1.65V from the 2200+ model. The power consumption of the fastest CPU will be 67.9W, almost 2.1W below that of the Athlon XP 2100+ with Palomino core.

P-Rating clock (MHz) VCore (V) max .Power consumption max.core temperature 1800+ 1533 1.60 56.9W 90 ° C 1900+ 1600 1.60 58.6W 90 ° C 2000+ 1666 1.60 60.3W 90 ° C 2100+ 1733 1.60 62.1W 90 ° C 2200+ 1800 1.65 67.9W 85 ° C

Furthermore, AMD still doesn't seem to be clear about the FSB used. After having refrained from introducing it for the time being due to the unclear specifications, now that the standard has been set by JEDEC, the idea of ​​giving the Thoroughbred a real boost in performance with an FSB of 166MHz seems to be being played.