AMD publishes new roadmap

AMD publishes new roadmap

The processor manufacturers revise their roadmaps at regular intervals in order to disclose their production plans for the next few years to the customer. Today it was that time again at AMD and the new roadmap has undergone a few drastic changes.

As already discussed in many places, there will be no successor to the Duron. The current core will be continued as long as the market situation requires it. A Duron in 0.13 micron or even with more cache is therefore not planned. The Barton is no longer shown with a 512kByte cache. Whether this has simply been forgotten or whether one will actually forego doubling the cache is currently still pure speculation, but the roadmap gives cause for it.

As expected, the hammer will follow in the Athlon's footsteps in the first half of 2003. It is interesting, however, that according to the roadmap, AMD has opted for the SOI (silicon on insulator) process from the start. There have been rumors recently that AMD would like to fall back on conventional production methods for the first Hammer processors. In the middle of next year we will also be able to look forward to a Mobile Athlon based on the ClawHammer.

However, a big shock was the postponement of the processors with a structure width of 0.09 micron to 2004. The processors with the Codnames 'Athens', 'San Diego' and 'Odessa', which were supposed to replace the hammer processors with 0.13 microns in the course of next year, have now been moved into the distance.

AMD Roadmap 2002-2004