AMD Phenom 9100e for just over 100 euros?

AMD Phenom 9100e for just over 100 euros?

If you believe the well-informed colleagues at HKEPC, another processor will round off AMD's four-core portfolio in the first quarter of 2008. As the first quad-core CPU, the Phenom 9100e could approach the 100 euro mark with a clock frequency that is 400 MHz lower than that of the Phenom 9500.

The initial price recommendation for the Phenom 9100e with 1, 8 GHz will by no means settle in this region. Rather, sufficient availability at the end of the first quarter or in the second quarter will ensure that for the first time you only have to pay around 100 euros for four cores. For comparison: The Phenom 9500 with 2.2 GHz is currently available for under 165 euros , the Phenom 9600 for just under 200 euros or 210 euros for the multiplier-free 'Black Edition' .

AMD is following the same path with the smallest Phenom, which can be observed with the previous models with four cores, but also with three cores. Accordingly, the Phenom 9100e will initially be available in B2 stepping, while the new B3 stepping will be available under the name Phenom 9150e from the second quarter. The TDP of the two processors will be 65 watts for the first time for a Phenom CPU, the equipment in the L2 and L3 cache area of ​​2 MB each is identical to the current and upcoming quad-core CPUs from AMD. However, the frequency of the HyperTransport protocol will only be 1,600 MHz in the smallest model and not 1,800 MHz as in the models 9500/9550 and 9600/9650. The two fastest clocking models 9700 and 9900 with 2.4 and 2.6 GHz are even connected with a HyperTransport frequency of 2,000 MHz.

The low clock frequency of 1.8 GHz of the four-core, however, underpins the rumors about the dual-core variants of the Athlon 6000 series , which were also initially very low clock frequencies of 1.7respectively 1.9 GHz should go to the start. If you compare it to the quad-core processors, the price of the two-core should be interesting. Even if you allow the Phenom 9100e/9150e up to 120 euros, the Athlon 6000 will (have to) be all (well) below 100 euros. This means that AMD has already returned to the area that it had to contend with throughout 2007 and that they actually wanted to avoid. Too low a price is good for the market and the customer, but not for the company that is struggling with very low profit margins. However, all of this is a lot of rumors and information about detours, the truth of which will only be finally assessed in a few weeks and months.