AMD: No innovation from Intel in five years

AMD: No innovation from Intel in five years

AMD's CEO Hector Ruiz attacked market leader Intel sharply in an interview . According to this, AMD has integrated various innovations into the market in the last five years, while Intel has not produced a single innovation and merely abused its monopoly position.

Especially at the last point, AMD clearly has to nibble. Despite aggressive pricing, AMD is currently losing out in almost all areas, which Ruiz blames on Intel's contracts with various manufacturers and suppliers. Worldwide investigations against Intel into the allegations of exploitation of the dominant position, including also by the European Union , underpin the statements of AMD's CEO , but a final judgment is still pending.

Of course, the interview was largely about the strained financial situation of the company. In the past few days, AMD's stock has slipped below the $ 10 mark , which is 75 percent down on paper from its $ 42 in January 2006. The company still needs financial injections, such as 622 million US dollars from Abu Dhabi recently, as the market is extremely nervous and reacts very sensitively to any change. In general, the mood in the field of technology is currently extremely pessimistic, Ruiz continued. This is currently demonstrated by the falling shares of Nvidia and Intel .