AMD is deleting mounting holes for coolers

AMD is deleting mounting holes for coolers

In its current edition of the 'Thermal, Mechanical and Chassis Cooling Guide', AMD unceremoniously and surprisingly deleted the four mounting holes around the base A. These holes are especially necessary when using a particularly heavy cooler.

This made it possible so far to screw the heavyweights to the mainboard. And sometimes that's really necessary. Due to the high weight of copper-based coolers such as the Swiftech MCX462, which weighs more than 800g, it could otherwise happen that the cooler tears the entire socket off the mainboard. In the case of the Swiftech, it is even more than likely that the board will give in to the load sooner or later if the cooler is not screwed directly to the housing via the four mounting holes. Especially when you consider that AMD provides coolers with a maximum mass of 300g and that the mainboard manufacturers design their boards accordingly, the selection of high-end coolers is shrinking noticeably. For AMD itself, the removal of the mounting holes with the new Thermal, Mechanical and Chassis Cooling Guide (page 6) is already a done deal.

Since this is only a recommendation, however is about AMD, manufacturers don't necessarily have to adhere to it. While Elitegroup (ECS) has already implemented the new recommendations in the latest motherboard series, Asus and MSI will continue to rely on the mounting holes. Abit will follow AMD's recommendations, but the current KT333 motherboards will definitely come with the holes.