AMD introduces new processor and server chipset

AMD introduces new processor and server chipset

AMD today introduced two new products for use in high-performance servers and workstations. These are the Athlon MP 1900+ processor and the dual processor chipset AMD-760 MPX. AMD is thus expanding its product range for the high-end market.

The new AMD-760 MPX chipset is a high-performance, two-way multiprocessor circuit for the Athlon MP family and, in contrast to its predecessor, the AMD-760 MP chipset, increased performance in multiprocessor operation. A 66MHz PCI bus (64-bit/32-bit) and a peripheral bus controller with a PCI-to-PCI bridge ensure the increased computing power. The AMD-760 MPX chipset consists of two chips: the AMD-762 system controller (northbridge) and the AMD-768 peripheral bus controller (southbridge). It supports up to two AMD Athlon MP processors with independent 266 MHz front-side buses as well as PC2100 DDR memory and AGP 4x graphics. Companies like Abit, Asus, GigaByte, MSI and Tyan are planning to equip their motherboards with the AMD-760 MPX chipset and its improved high-speed interfaces.

The Athlon MP processor is the seventh generation of x86 processors. A particular advantage of the AMD multiprocessor platform is the Smart MP technology, which significantly increases the overall performance of the system by increasing the data transfer between the two CPUs, the chipset and the memory. Smart MP technology features dual point-to-point high-speed system buses with 266 MHz and Error Correcting Code (ECC), which in a dual processor system deliver up to 2.1 GB per second and per CPU of bus bandwidth. Smart MP technology also has an optimized Modified Owner Exclusive Shared Invalid (MOESI) cache coherence protocol that controls the data and memory transfer in a multiprocessor environment. The Athlon MP processor supports the QuantiSpeed ​​architecture, the oneIncludes powerful, high-speed cache with hardware data prefetch, a fully pipelined superscalar floating point unit and exclusive level 2 translation lookaside buffer (TLB). The AMD 3DNow! Professional technology with 52 new instructions. The AMD Athlon MP processor is compatible with AMD's Socket A infrastructure and supports DDR memory technology.

The new AMD-760 MPX chipset is expected to be available worldwide in the first quarter of 2002, the Athlon MP 1900+ processor already in fourth of this year. The Athlon MP 1900+ processor costs $ 319 in quantities of at least 1,000.