AMD introduces Mobile Athlon 4

AMD introduces Mobile Athlon 4

The processor manufacturer AMD today has two new notebook processors with PowerNow! Functionality presented. The Mobile Athlon 4 with Palomino core is positioned as a high-performance processor for portable computers, while the new Mobile Duron processor is still on offer as an inexpensive solution.

The Athlon 4 processor has a new, energy-saving design and is equipped with a total of 384kB cache, of which 256kB is used as L2 and 128kB as L1 buffer. He supports the new 3DNow! Professional for increased multimedia performance and the PowerNow! Technology for extending the life of notebook batteries. The Mobile Athlon 4 processors are operated with a front-side bus of 100MHz and are manufactured on the basis of 0.18µm copper wiring technology in Fab 30 in Dresden.

The new Mobile Duron processor finally has the power saving function PowerNow !, is operated with a front-side bus of 100MHz, has a cache half the size of the Athlon 4 and is manufactured in Dresden in 0.18 µm. In terms of price, AMD has the PowerNow! Pay dearly for the function even with the Duron, because the 800MHz Mobile Duron is almost $ 30 more expensive than the old Mobile 800MHz Duron model without the power saving function.

Prices for the purchase of 1000 pieces
Clock frequency since May 14th. Mobile Athlon 4 1GHz $ 425 950MHz $ 350 900MHz $ 270 850MHz $ 240 Mobile Duron 850MHz $ 197 800MHz $ 170

Compaq will now be one of the first notebook manufacturers with the Mobile Athlon 4 processors on the market at the Compaq website and via the free order hotline. Compaq plans to launch models with the new mobile later this yearTo bring Duron processors onto the market.