AMD graphics cards with DisplayPort in brief

AMD graphics cards with DisplayPort in brief

The upcoming entry-level graphics cards from AMD/ATi based on the RV635 will support the successor to the DVI output for the first time. On an ATi reference card that arrived at the colleagues at HotHardware , there are two outputs for the DisplayPort for the first time, but also a DVI connection.

Because there is a big problem. There is currently not yet a monitor on the market that has the new connection variant. Samsung had already announced a display in the summer , and Dell is planning to do so with the 3008WFP , but this will take a while and will certainly not happen before the beginning of 2008.

ATi RV635 with DisplayPort

The theoretical advantages of the DisplayPort are obvious: Both image and sound data can be transported via the digital interface. The bandwidth is 10.8 gigabits per second. Version 1.1 of the DisplayPort, which was adopted as the official standard in April 2007 , supports the latest HDCP revision 1.3. The first decisive advantage comes with the new connection for large screens with a resolution beyond 1920 x 1200 pixels. This then no longer has to be solved using several DVI cables and connections, just one DisplayPort is sufficient.