AMD falls out of the top 10 chip manufacturers

AMD falls out of the top 10 chip manufacturers

Already in August the market research institute iSuppli predicted that AMD will no longer remain in the top 10 of the largest chip manufacturers this year. New figures at the end of the year underpin the result.

If the August result was only about the quarterly figures of the companies, iSuppli now provides the analyzes for the annual comparison 2007 to 2006. If you keep the old figures in mind, it was actually clear what the result should look like. AMD slipped together with Qimonda by almost 23 percent, while companies like Sony and Toshiba recorded high growth rates with 57 and 24 percent respectively. With this success, Toshiba took third place for the first time from Texas Instruments. Unchallenged at the top is Intel, ahead of Samsung, who together already take 20 percent of the market.

iSuppli chip manufacturer ranking 2007