AMD discontinues Quad-FX platform (4x4)

AMD discontinues Quad-FX platform (4x4)

AMD has announced that the further development of the Quad-FX platform announced at the end of 2006, which has only been available outside of Europe since the beginning of the year, will be discontinued. Above all, this platform should stand up to Intel's quad-core CPUs, as until a few days ago they didn't have their own quad-core CPUs on the market.

Quad-FX (also called 4x4 or Quadfather) is or was an enthusiast platform that was initially equipped with two dual-core processors and later expanded to include support for two quad-cores should be . This would have had a high-end consumer platform with eight cores ahead of Intel, even if the processors of the promising “Dual Socket Direct Connect” (DSDC) architecture were in fact little more than differently labeled server and workstation CPUs of the Opteron family .

In April 2007, when AMD was alarmed, Intel announced a high-end platform or a mainboard under the code name Skulltrail that could accommodate two processors. In September the gem was shown in action at the Intel Developer Forum. The final preparatory measures are currently under way to bring the product to market in early 2008.

The Asus L1N64-SLI WS will remain the only Quad-FX mainboard in the future. AMD discontinues Quad-FX!

But even before Intel's answer to Quad FX goes on sale, AMD is withdrawing from the super high-end area. The reason? The components for AMD's Quad FX were so expensive when they were launched that the word 'sluggish' as a description for sales is still euphemistic. Already at CeBIT 2007 one had to make the observation 'Nobody has/shows/wants AMD Quad FX' , although AMD at that timeQuad FX still assumed a future-proof platform .

The discontinuation of Quad FX frees up resources that AMD can use to develop more important products. For example for 'Leo', the successor to the Spider platform . AMD assures, however, that product support for Quad FX will continue to be offered and that an upgrade using Opteron processors may also be possible. However, no further chipsets or mainboards for this platform will come onto the market. Codename FASN8 with RD790 chipset is dead.