AMD delivers faster mobile processors

AMD delivers faster mobile processors

As AMD announced, the delivery of the new mobile processors begins today. The Mobile Athlon 2200+ is currently the fastest mobile processor from AMD and thus offers Intel's fastest mobile processor, the P4M with 2.2GHz.

The notebook manufacturers have already announced products with AMD's new processor. Accordingly, the first devices will be on Japanese and European shelves by the end of this month.

AMD is increasingly focusing on confrontation with Intel with its market policy in the mobile sector. On the one hand, there is a strong interest in market shares, and on the other hand, the notebook market is a very profitable source of income, because due to Intel's years of 'sole rule', prices are still relatively high and thus good profits are still possible.


In its press release, AMD names the new Mobile Athlon XP 2200+ a price of just US $ 186. This would make the processor only half as expensive as the previous models with a performance rating of 1900+ and 2000+, which previously changed hands for US $ 239 and US $ 345, respectively. Even the comparable desktop processor is only slightly cheaper at US $ 3 less.