AMD cuts prices for mobile processors

AMD cuts prices for mobile processors

As of today, AMD has a new mobile Duron with a clock frequency of 800MHz in its price lists. Like the mobile Duron models with 600 and 700MHz that have been available since January, this is based on the Spitfire core, which is also used in the desktop versions of the Duron.

To save electricity, the Durons of the mobile Series is supplied with less voltage, since the PowerNow! completely absent. Nothing is officially known about the power consumption of the new model, but it should be around 29 watts. Here is the current price list for the current mobile Duron processors:

Prices for the purchase of 1000 pieces
Clock frequency January 8th April 19th Mobile Duron 800MHz - $ 134 700MHz $ 123 $ 96 600MHz $ 75 $ 75