AMD Clawhammer and Opteron roadmap

AMD Clawhammer and Opteron roadmap

On a Chinese site a roadmap to AMD processors has emerged that should be authentic. Accordingly, the new AMD Barton will come onto the market in the fourth quarter of this year as a 2600+ with 1.67 GHz. In the same quarter, the AMD Athlon Clawhammer M3400 with 2 GHz will appear.

According to this roadmap, the dual-capable AMD Opteron Seldgehammer will start in the first half of next year with 1.5 GHz as the M3400. In the second half of 2003, an AMD Athlon Clawhammer with the designation M4400 will even follow. To what extent this roadmap can be considered correct remains to be seen.

On the left the original roadmap from the AMD homepage, on the right from the Chinese page.

Original AMD Roadmap
AMD Roadmap?