AMD and UMC work together

AMD and UMC work together

AMD and UMC today announced an extensive collaboration. As part of a joint venture, the two companies want to cooperate as the joint owner and operator of a state-of-the-art 300 mm semiconductor plant in Singapore.

It is planned to manufacture PC processors in very large numbers in the new plant. The advantage of a large joint factory is obvious. On the one hand, the construction costs can be divided up and, on the other hand, the operating costs of such a system are lower than those that would devour two independent production facilities. AMD comments on this fact aptly.

'Megafabs, which are able to produce increasingly complex semiconductors in large volumes and Manufacturing using the latest process technologies will offer considerable economic advantages. However, this also requires considerable investments and an efficient use of capital. '

The plant, which is designed for production on 300mm wafers and operated jointly by both contract partners, is intended to Deliver the first products in 0.065 µm to the market in mid-2005. As part of the agreement, AMD and UMC will collaborate on the development of process technologies for semiconductor logic products. UMC will also manufacture processors for AMD and thus expand the production capacity of the Dresden factory Fab 30 in 0.13 µm.