Menu introduces a new shipping cost model introduces a new shipping cost model

Germany's largest online bookstore has introduced new rules regarding shipping costs. These are advertised that future orders will be cheaper, which, however, is not always true on closer inspection.

Because bookworms in particular will in future be asked to pay 3 euros for shipping costs for books that cost less than 20 euros. Up until now, book shipments have generally been free of charge, which obviously means that shipments of smaller paperbacks have not paid off particularly well for Amazon due to the low profit margins. However, since these 3 euros refer to all product categories as soon as the price is over 20 euros, some buyers get away with it cheaper than before. In addition, the shipping of products other than books has previously only been free of charge from 45 euros, which means that the current limit of 20 euros corresponds to a reduction of a good 55%.

The horseshoe of this flat-rate 3- However, at least for customers from Austria, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, the euro limit is that the shipping costs for deliveries to these countries may vary “slightly”. Interested parties can read up on this page in detail what is meant by this somewhat imprecise information!