Also PNY and Creative with GeForce4 cards

Also PNY and Creative with GeForce4 cards

In the meantime, almost all graphics card manufacturers have slept in and announced their new graphics cards based on nVidia's GeForce 4. Creative and PNY Technologies, the newcomer to the European market, are also waiting with corresponding products.

At Creative, the tried and tested naming strategy is continued and the new graphics cards are also marketed under the name 3D Blaster. As far as the equipment is concerned, I stuck to nVidia's specifications for the products. The following cards can be expected from Creative:

  • 3D Blaster 4 Ti4600
  • 3D Blaster 4 Ti4400
  • 3D Blaster 4 MX460
  • 3D Blaster 4 MX440
  • 3D Blaster 4 MX420

The first cards should be available by the end of February. PNY-Technologies has also adhered to the specifications and offers a total of four graphics cards with a GeForce 4 chip in the Verto series.

  • VERTO GeForce4-Ti4600
  • VERTO GeForce4-Ti4400
  • VERTO GeForce4-MX440
  • VERTO GeForce4-MX420

At PNY Technologies, however, they are a bit more realistic about the availability of the Verto- Series concerns. The GeForce4 MX graphics cards will be available in stores from the beginning of March and the GeForce4 Ti variants from the beginning of April.