Alleged specifications of the G100 (G200)

Alleged specifications of the G100 (G200)

In the forum of VR-Zone the first, as always supposedly 'real specifications' for the G100, the next-generation graphics chip from Nvidia, appeared. However, those sound so unrealistic and exaggerated that they are more likely to fit a G200.

In addition to the extremely high clock rates and the use of GDDR5 memory, a production process with 65 nm should also be used. Therefore, the further data based on the manufacturing process sound even more unrealistic if you consider, among other things, that the G92 already has over 750 million transistors in the same manufacturing process . An increase in this number of transistors for the new features, which should undoubtedly be necessary, while at the same time reducing the TDP by up to 25 percent compared to the GeForce 8800 GTS, is hardly likely, given the chip clock of 780 MHz and the use of 2,048 MB GDDR5 memory to be possible. Although GDDR5 will be less power hungry than its predecessor, the amount of 2 gigabytes will probably negate this advantage.

The other data sound just as adventurous, but are at least in the range of the possible. The increased number of stream processors (shader units) to 256 represents a doubling of the current inventory, but should not be impossible for a new flagship. It is foreseeable that the memory interface will be widened to 512 bits again, as the problems of a memory interface that is too small are already felt with today's cards. With such a configuration and amount of graphics memory, even the 512 bits appear comparatively undersized. The memory bandwidth, which results from the alleged memory clock and the interface, is almost unbelievably high at almost 205,000 MB/s.

We have listed all other data that were previously reported as rumors as follows.If you look at the GDDR5 memory alone, which is currently available as the first test sample from a major manufacturer, the appearance of a graphics card with the specified specifications is likely to be in the very distant future. And until then, as is well known, some features will change, so that these specifications can probably be ticked off as the last big rumor of 2007.

  • Codename: G100
  • Manufactured in 65 nm
  • 256 stream processors
  • 780 MHz chip clock
  • 3,200 MHz memory clock
  • 512 bit memory interface
  • 2,048 MB (256X8) GDDR5 (0.25-0.5 ns)
  • Dual DVI
  • Support for DirectX 10.1, VP3
  • 15-25 percent lower TDP than GeForce 8800 GTS