Alleged CeBIT info for € 300

Alleged CeBIT info for € 300

If you try to guess the URL to the official CeBIT website, you can lose up to € 300 within seconds. Behind the entirely plausible address is a porn site that tries in various ways to establish a connection to a 0190 number.

Under the motto 'CeBIT 2002 - Special - special information for visitors 'an attempt is made to install one of several dialers using a signed (!) ActiveX control element. The most expensive variant that our colleagues from Heise caught costs € 300 per connection establishment. Others still hit the bill with € 100 per connection or € 1.21 per minute.

At According to Heise, the dialers used are the 'X-Driver' from electronic online payment systems AG ( eops AG ). The profits also went to the same Düsseldorf company. Unfortunately, neither eops nor the regulatory authority for telecommunications and post responsible for assigning the expensive 0190 numbers were available for a statement. Meanwhile, Messe AG, organizer of CeBIT, has announced legal action against the creators of the site. One feared damage to the good reputation of CeBIT.

By the way, even if the scandalous site no longer seems to work properly, we can only advise our readers against visiting it themselves!