Alexa Custom Assistant: Your own Alexa-based voice assistant for companies

Alexa Custom Assistant: Your own Alexa-based voice assistant for companies

With Alexa Custom Assistant, Amazon gives companies the opportunity to extensively customize Alexa and thus implement their own voice assistant that suits their own company. Alexa Custom Assistant builds on Alexa technology and offers companies access to Amazon's voice AI.

Far-reaching Adjustments and coexistence with Alexa

In addition to an individual activation word that fits their own brand, companies can also give the voice assistant its own voice. The option to expand the functionality of Alexa using skills is also retained. With the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) you can equip the voice assistant with its own functions that Alexa usually does notcontrolled. The brand's assistant coexists and also collaborates with Alexa. On the one hand, an individually adapted assistant for certain functions can be offered, on the other hand, the known functionality of Alexa can be implemented via this voice assistant. The assistants also exchange ideas. If, for example, Alexa is asked for something that only the individual assistant can do, this request is automatically transferred to him. If, on the other hand, the brand assistant is asked to play an audio book with which it does not know what to do, it will be forwarded to Alexa in the automotive industry, in consumer electronics, but also inVideo games do not have to develop expensive, in-house voice assistants and continuously maintain and improve them.

Fiat Chrysler wants to use customized assistants in cars

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announcement shows that such a solution can be particularly interesting for car manufacturers who want to maintain a brand identity but often do not have the expertise to create a high-performance system in a timely manner. The automobile manufacturer is the first Alexa Custom Assistant customer and, according to Amazon, has already started the planning process to develop an intelligent, branded assistant that is to be integrated into selected vehicle models.

So far, Fiat has supported Alexa in some models with Uconnect 5, the voice commands for example with “Alexa, ask Fiat to check the tire pressure of my car 'Or' Alexa, ask Fiat to find the nearest charging station 'but inconvenient.

Amazon helps companies develop a brand assistant by helping them to record an individual voice and develop it, among other things of the voice using machine learning algorithms.

Available for companies from today

Alexa Custom Assistant is available for device manufacturers wherever Alexa is supported.