AIDA32 analysis tool now final

AIDA32 analysis tool now final

Some time ago we reported on this good system analysis tool. Now the Hungarian programmers have published a final and above all stable version. The program offers information like the well-known SANDRA, but is freeware.

The new version AIDA32 Stable 3.10 now completely replaces the old version AIDA32 Preview 2.34.4 (3.02) and, above all, promises a lot of bug fixes. The program is available in a number of languages, including German. There is no need to install the program, just unzip it in any folder and start it.

  • FireWire devices list
  • extended audit statistics
  • Bulgarian language module
  • Croatian language module
  • Danish language module
  • Dutch language module
  • French language module
  • Italian language module
  • Norwegian language module
  • Spanish language module

Owners of the old version can easily use the internal update function, we recommend to all others to download the full version, which is well below 2MB within a bearable range.