Agreed statement in the Microsoft process

Agreed statement in the Microsoft process

The written testimony of AMD boss Jerry Sanders in the ongoing antitrust proceedings against the software company Microsoft had previously been discussed with Bill Gates.

In this statement, the AMD boss stated that the proposed penalties against the monopoly of Microsoft, the US economy and the computer industry would be seriously damaged. With its dominant position in the market, it is only possible for Microsoft to set standards and, despite this standardization, in contrast to other companies such as Apple or Sun, to enable the development of a wide variety of compatible hardware platforms. Furthermore, Sander's statement says that a modularization of Windows, which is required by nine of the suing US states, threatens to set the computer industry “back by 20 years”.

In a subsequent cross-examination it turned out that the written declaration of the AMD boss is based on a statement made by mutual consent. On the witness stand, Sanders made it clear that the success of the new AMD chip architecture is crucially dependent on Microsoft's support. Furthermore, Sanders had to admit that he had never read the content of the measures demanded against Microsoft, but rather, after a statement by Bill Gates on the phone that the sanctions demanded was 'completely crazy', he had promised to testify in the process in favor of Microsoft. In return, he asked Gates that the 64-bit architecture developed by AMD for the upcoming Hammer processor would be officially supported by Microsoft. As a result, Gates agreed to support his employees with software support.