AGPx8: nothing brought again?

AGPx8: nothing brought again?

A short performance comparison of the 'Quadro' workstation series has recently been published on the nVidia homepage. In this, the Californian chip manufacturer certifies that its new flagship Quadro4 980XGL has a small but not to be despised lead over the 900XGL in a professional environment.

The Quadro4 980XGL , its only innovation in support from AGP8x is supposed to be able to achieve a lead over the previous model in 3DStudio Max and two partial tests of the Spec ViewPerf 7.0.

The Russian colleagues from xBitLabs allowed themselves the fun and rushed both cards through 13 benchmarks in said 3DStudio Max. The result was that AGP8x is not even able to offer a really notable performance advantage over AGP4x in the polygon and thus AGP-intensive environment of professional 3D applications.

What this means for games should be largely clear Be: Except in rare exceptional situations, which can always be constructed, the transfer performance of AGP8x, which has now risen to an impressive 2.1GB/s, is just another tool of the marketing machinery to help the inclined customer with his recently acquired mainboard including graphics card to be considered obsolete and therefore worth replacing.

Thanks to xBitLabs, however, we know that this is by no means correct. AGP4x will be enough for a while.

Quadro4 980XGL Performance