Adobe Photoshop Album

Adobe Photoshop Album

Adobe is launching its Adobe Photoshop Album software package especially for digicam owners and beginners. The software is designed for the simple management, archiving and optimization of digital photographs.

For further processing of the images, however, the photo processing software Photoshop Elements 2.0 is necessary.

With the software, Adobe has placed particular emphasis on the archiving functions with which the images can be sorted and categorized so that the user can find his digital photographs more easily on the PC. Photoshop Album automatically ranks the images according to the date and arranges them in a calendar. In addition, the user can use markings to organize the images according to persons, occasions or other categories. A dedicated help function supports the user in creating calendars, albums or 3D galleries. The images can be sent by e-mail and burned to CD or DVD.

The editing tools in Photoshop Album are designed to optimize the quality of the photos. So the 'red-eye effect' can be eliminated or color, brightness and contrast can be changed. According to Adobe, the German-language version of Photoshop Album is expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2003 for 55 euros (75 francs).