Additional tariff for the iPhone: Complete S?

Additional tariff for the iPhone: Complete S?

Now that the iPhone has found its way to Austria via the discounter Penny , the German tariff structure could soon move again. In a study commissioned by T-Mobile, potential customers are currently being put to the test.

The independent opinion research institute INFO GmbH is currently surveying people who registered on the T-Mobile homepage some time ago and thus expressed their interest in the Apple iPhone. In the course of this you should answer an online questionnaire, which among other things explores the interest in a “Complete S” tariff.

New“ Complete S ”tariff for the iPhone?

Unlike the Complete M, L and XL tariffs, the “Complete S” tariff does not offer a WLAN flat rate at Telekom's hotspots, but leaves 10 cents per minute when used attack. The basic price for this is 29 euros per month. In addition, if the new tariff actually comes onto the market in this form, customers would have to do without inclusive SMS and only receive 50 free minutes per month. The first SMS and each subsequent one already costs 19 cents. Each minute of conversation outside the quota costs 29 cents. The weekend flat rate is still included in the package, so that on the weekend, as in the other Complete tariffs, you can make free calls to the German landline network and T-Mobile cell phone network. The data plan is strictly limited to 100 MB per month, with each additional MB incurring costs of 35 cents. The tariff could no longer offer a data flat rate at which T-Mobile only reserves the right to reduce the speed if it is used too intensively. T-Mobile could therefore in a certain way follow the American model AT&T, which it doesFor several weeks now, customers have been able to completely remove the data flat rate from the tariff and thus save US $ 20 per month.