Activision CEO calls for consoles for under $ 200

Activision CEO calls for consoles for under $ 200

In the past week the world at Activision was completely normal, at least on the outside. Nobody knew about the imminent merger with the Vivendi divisions and so it was a good thing that Activision CEO Robert Kotick, now head of the new 'giga publisher' Activision Blizzard, spoke about consoles.

In his public statement, Kotick was more specific about the prices for game consoles. Accordingly, Kotick even a Nintendo Wii , which currently costs a moderate 249 US dollars, is too expensive. Instead, in an interview with the Reuters news agency, he demands that game consoles generally should not cost more than 199 US dollars - a price that all “next-gen consoles” are currently far from.

The mentioned Wii is therefore closest to Kotick's taste and undercuts the 40 GB version of the PlayStation 3 in terms of price around $ 150. “The Wii sets new standards and expectations at its price level, even if people say it is technically less complex, although I don't think the latter bother the consumer too much,” comments Kotick of the Nintendo console.

It is obvious that the CEO of what is now the largest publisher does not make such statements as a private person. Cheaper consoles would mean a wider distribution and thus more potential game buyers. In this respect, it is not surprising that in the course of the conversation Kotick demands that all three consoles (Wii, Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3) should cost less than 200 US dollars within the next two years: ' They'll have to cost less than $ 200 in the next 24 months, and you can imagine Nintendo will drop to a level of $ 129 in the next few years, 'Kotick concludes.