Acrylic glass kit in the test: Show me your hardware, tower!

Acrylic glass kit in the test: Show me your hardware, tower!


It should be clear to everyone that such an acrylic case is not for everyday use. The care of the acrylic alone is not easy and scratches quickly appeared when wiping away dust and the like. Since acrylic does not shield electromagnetic radiation in any way, the acrylic housing is only approved for show purposes according to the EMVG (law on electromagnetic compatibility), which also applies to private individuals. On the one hand, a computer in such a housing shines like a Christmas tree in the dark, on the other hand it can also be influenced by incident radiation from outside (cell phone etc.), which can have a negative effect on stability. You can register via the EMVG at / 2. Link , the legal text is available for download .

In any case, a good deal of craftsmanship is required for assembly, otherwise you can quickly get problems and damage the valuable kit. However, if you want to exhibit your PC more often at trade fairs or just want to splurge on the LAN, the acrylic housing kit would be just the thing for you. Unfortunately, transporting the case, which is not entirely unproblematic, speaks against an unreserved recommendation. Both the low rigidity and the extreme susceptibility to annoying scratches have a negative impact here. The price is justified due to the good workmanship and the quality of the material, even if the almost € 200 is not a stick. For the reasons mentioned above, we do not include a rating in our previous housing reviews. The housing and matching accessories are available from Listan available, to whom we would like to thank you once again for making the kit available.

Listan acrylic housing kit
  • Great design
  • Five blowholes
  • Plenty of space for drives
  • Extremely sensitive surface
  • Unstable
  • No shielding

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