Acrylic glass kit in the test: Show me your hardware, tower!

Acrylic glass kit in the test: Show me your hardware, tower!


If you want to cause a stir at a LAN party, an acrylic housing is the answer just the thing. If the inner workings are still worth seeing, the envy factor increases by a further power of 10. In our latest case review, we looked at the Listan acrylic case kit. Such a case is certainly not for everyday use, but it is definitely a beautiful showpiece. First of all, as usual, let's look at the scope of delivery.

Before installing the components

Scope of delivery

In the right The kit is delivered to the customer in a small cardboard box, which is provided with a practical plastic handle. Inside, the individual acrylic panels are well protected against damage with air cushion film, and polystyrene parts prevent slipping inside the box. All other components are packed separately in a small cardboard box, including all the necessary screws, the drive and slot covers, a speaker, power and reset switches with LEDs and a standard ATX cover for the mainboard connections. The screws are sorted and packed in individual plastic bags, each with a slip of paper indicating the content. The building instructions, which consist of four sheets and also list all components, are loosely enclosed so that any missing parts of the kit can be claimed immediately. An important point in the scope of delivery are the cotton gloves that you should wear during assembly. This can save unnecessary fingerprintsAvoid assembling the housing on the acrylic panels. The edges on the panels themselves are all smooth and not sharp, you cannot cut yourself on them. Incidentally, the plates are not all clear, but the right side wall and the lid are blue-transparent, which gives the case a special appearance. The drive covers for the 3.5 'and 5.25' drive bays are also blue-transparent, the screws for the assembly are gold-colored and harmonize very well with the other housing components.

Everything that is colorful

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